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  Collectibles > Vanmark

Vanmark Figurines & Collectibles

Vanmark figurines are treasured by collectors across the country. Vanmark
sculptures are renowned for their breath taking realism, expressions,
and emotions. Among the most premiere lines are the Red Hats of
Courage, Blue Hats of Bravery, and several of the American Heroes lines.

Each Vanmark sculpture is individually numbered and is handcrafted from
cold-cast resin. Each Vanmark figurine is hand painted with intricate detail,
vivid color, and superb artistry. Most Vanmark figurines are showcased on
gleaming bevel-edged wood bases and come with a certificate of authenticity.


Vanmark American Heroes Air Force  
Vanmark American Heroes Air Force
Their domain is the sky and their cause is freedom. This collection pays tribute to those men and women of the Air Force who carry on a proud tradition with a daring spirit, whether on land in dress blues or on maneuvers in flight suits.

Vanmark American Heroes Army 
Vanmark American Heroes Army
Instilling discipline and respect into American men and women, the Army prepares its soldiers to serve their country with pride. Vanmark recognizes this contribution, with a line that captures their dedication from infantry to honor guard.

Vanmark American Heroes Coast Guard 
 Vanmark American Heroes Coast Guard
In times of peace and times of war, the Coast Guard always exhibits a deep devotion to duty, making it one of the most honored and respected branches of the armed forces. Braving the perils of the sea and safety for others and preserving the natural beauty of our shorelines are the foremost concerns of these proud individuals.

Vanmark American Heroes Marines 
Vanmark American Heroes Marines
Designed with attention to detail, this collection of sculptures and accessories honors the proud and few, our friend, our family, our hero, the Marines.


Vanmark American Heroes Navy 
 Vanmark American Heroes Navy
With a quest for adventure and a call to serve, the Navy performs the admirable duty of protecting the peace on the high seas and along our nation's shoreline. This collection of sculptures and accessories is inspired by the dauntless spirit and selfessness that are its hallmark.

Vanmark Blue Hats of Bravery 
Vanmark Blue Hats of Bravery
Commitment... Courage... Caring... These are hallmarks of police officers, who bravely devote their lives in keeping our communities and us safe. From motorcyle patrolman to officers on the beat, this superbly crafted series captures their world... and honors them all.

Vanmark Civil War 
Vanmark Civil War Commanding Images
No period in the history of our country created deeper passion--or greater heroes. Crafted in striking detail and precision, we are proud to present Commanding Images of the Civil War, featuring outstanding leaders from both sides of the war between the states. Commanders are brought to life through historically accurate dress, expression and stature. Resin statuettes stand proudly on richly finished wood platforms with engraved nameplates, lending a quality finish.

Vanmark Masters of Miracles 
Vanmark Masters of Miracles
From neonatal to geriatrics and minor scrapes to major surgery, doctors play a vital role throughout our lives. This heartwarming series pays tribute to all the physicians who devote their lives in healing us from sickness to keeping us in good health.

Vanmark Medics of Valor 
Vanmark Medics of Valor
It can happen anywhere, at any time... in a heartbeat, a sudden accident or illness can threaten our life. Working under pressure in unpredictable conditions, emergency medical technicians calm our fears, treat us on the spot, and speed us to hospital care. These lifelike works salute their valor and compassion.

Vanmark Red Hats of Courage 
Vanmark Red Hats of Courage
From the Blazing infernos and daring rescues to the day-to-day duties of the firehouse, these dedicated firefighters live their lives protecting ours. This captivatingly detailed collection recognizes the courage of firefighters who risk their lives for us every day.

Vanmark Sheriff Protectors of Peace 
Vanmark Sheriff Protectors of Peace
In response to popular appeal, we salute the role urban sheriffs play in cities across the USA. With their bravery, they make life safer and more secure. This collection of figurines, banks, bookends and photo frames is dedicated to their daily commitment and acts of heroism.

Vanmark White Caps of Caring 
Vanmark White Caps of Caring
Nursing is a pure compassion, enriched with an awesome blend of dedication and skill. Too often, their selfless dedication goes unsung. In this touching collection, we gratefully hail nurses everywhere.


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