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  Collectibles > Snoopy & Peanuts

Snoopy Merchandise
& Peanuts Collectibles


Peanuts & Snoopy Apparel 
 Peanuts & Snoopy Apparel and Accessories
Find Snoopy and Peanuts themed apparel and accessories, including: peanuts t-shirts, boxers, make-up bags, wallets, patches, key chains, baby clothes and much more.

Snoopy Gifts 
Snoopy Gifts: Lunch Boxes, Photo Frames, Figurines & More!
Find beautiful collectibles from the Snoopy and Peanuts gang. Find Snoopy and Peanuts related lunch boxes, piggy banks, picture frames, clocks, bookends, figurines, musicals, and many other collectible Snoopy and Peanuts items.

Snoopy Waterglobes 
Peanuts Waterglobes
Highly-detailed waterglobes and snow globes. Musical waterglobes with Snoopy and the Peanuts gang are sure to please every Peanuts fan! These are truly unique, with hockey and baseball and Flying Ace themes - and more...

Peanuts Looking For Lucy 
Peanuts Looking For Lucy
For the third year, St. Paul honored the life and work of former resident Charles M. Schultz with a public art project. Local artists and sponsors displayed their renditions of Lucy Van Pelt for the public to tour and view. Afterward, many of them were auctioned off at the Mall of America. These figurines are a great addition to any Peanuts collection.

Peanuts Books 
Peanuts & Baby Snoopy Books
You'll find 40 titles here, from hard-cover classics to baby board books... and even pop-up books. Some books come with craft kits or plush dolls. You'll find all of your favorite Snoopy classics, and much more.


Snoopy Plush Toys 
Snoopy Plush Toys
The Snoopy Plush line includes a wide selection of bean bags, body puppets, several different sizes of Snoopy and Woodstock, a Snoopy Pillow Pal, Jumbo Snoopy and many others.

Snoopy Doghouse Days of Summer  Snoopy Doghouse Days of Summer
A large selection of collectible figurines from the Snoopy Doghouse Days of Summer Collection...


Peanuts on Parade Collectibles  Peanuts on Parade Collectibles
Peanuts on Parade are copies of larger figurines which were displayed in Saint Paul, Minnesota as a tribute to Charles M. Schulz.


Baby Snoopy  
Baby Snoopy
Baby Snoopy gifts and collectibles make the perfect addition to any baby or kids room! You'll find clocks, waterglobes, lightswitch plate covers, lamps, musical figurines, bibs and baby cups & more...

Linus Blanket  
Linus Blanket
For the fourth year, St. Paul honored the life and work of former resident Charles M. Schultz with a public art project. Local artists and sponsors displayed their renditions of Linus Van Pelt for the public to tour and view.

Baby Snoopy Bedding Baby Snoopy Bedding
Whether he's being cradled by the moon or cuddling up with his feathered friend Woodstock, Baby Snoopy is a favorite. This section offers Bedding Sets, Diaper Stackers, Drawer Liners, Sheet Sets , Rugs, and more!


  Snoopy Christmas Items:

Lenox Snoopy's Christmas Traditions Sculpture

From the Lenox Classics collection. Lenox Snoopy's Christmas Traditions Sculpture. Snoopy and Woodstock team up to trim the tree in this original Lenox sculpture. Snoopy is all decked out for the occasion, in a red stocking cap and matching vest. Orn...Read More

Lenox Snoopy's Christmas Celebration Musical Sculpture

From the Lenox Classics collection. Lenox Snoopy's Christmas Celebration Musical Sculpture. Charlie Brown, Snoopy, and Woodstock get into the Christmas spirit as they decorate Snoopy's doghouse. To reach the roof, Snoopy perches atop a box, ignoring ...Read More

Peanuts A Charlie Brown Christmas Book

From the Peanuts book collection. A Charlie Brown Christmas. It's Christmas! Everyone is getting into the Christmas spirit -- except for Charlie Brown. It seems like everybody has forgotten what Christmas is truly about. But Lucy, Linus, and the whol...Read More

Department 56 A Charlie Brown Christmas

From the Department 56 Peanuts Collection. A Charlie Brown Christmas Sculpture. Features a tree that actually lights up when used with AC adapter (included). Measures 8" x 8" x 8.5". One of the most lovable animated Christmas specials in TV history,...Read More

A Charlie Brown Christmas Hardcover Book with CD

From the Peanuts collection. A Charlie Brown Christmas hardcover gift book with CD. Features an embossed, gold lettered dust jacket and includes a four song CD with selections from the soundtrack, including "Christmas is Coming," "Skating," "Linus an...Read More


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